katji is him making some stupid game about getting as many kisses on my face when i’m distracted or not paying attention as he can in the course of the night, and me freaking out every single time and hitting him with the nearest object (a pillow, a book, my shoe…) repeatedly and screeching at him to stop that hasn’t anyone ever told you about personal boundaries WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING THIS ISN’T FUNNY GOD YOU’RE SUCH A DICK. he gets to at least twelve before i am watching him like a hawk and jumping, ready to slap and punch at him, every single time he moves and he just laughs and says i look like a scared little rabbit, and then he takes to calling me “bunny” for the rest of the night and i throw kicks at him every time he does it because the name is so cute it is literally disgusting and i want him to stop it stop it right now.

katji is when “bunny” actually manages to somehow stick, and whenever it’s just the two of us, it’s what he starts calling me, and i make disgusted faces at him every time because seriously why does it have to be so sweet it’s ugly and he just laughs, and sometimes he gets lazy and just calls me “bun” and i tell him i would prefer to not be referred to as baked goods.

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